GNU Linux Manual of Style for Content Creators

Here you can find a copy of the GNU Linux Manual of Style. This book offers a reference to creating useful and usable documentation for GNU Linux projects.

This manual of style offers guidance for Linux projects. Examples include how to spot POSIX issues when Windows users write for Linux. Often these writers are not experienced with Linux commands and insert “wrong” dashes and quotes.

The commands, when manually written will never run with the wrong characters. The options for a company or project were:

  • Create a script to check content for non POSIX characters in commands
  • Auto insert command or code into documentation
  • Manual review/edit and hope it’s caught
  • User experience testing
  • Hire a Linux technical writer

Armed with information, writers unfamiliar with product can better serve a Linux audience by using these guidelines.

Hard copy is available here: GNU Linux Manual of Style

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